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December 18, 2007



Holy shit....good ol' Sheldon I.

real red

Hicks promised his deal to get new finance to support his purchase of Liverpool Football Club would take 30 days to tie up. That was back in October. He’s still not achieved it, the banks won’t allow him to. They don’t believe he’s got the clout to take on a loan at the level he’s asking for, and he’s unwilling or unable to put down a personal deposit on that loan. He wants to put the debt wholly on Liverpool Football Club, against his promises when taking over the club.

And he’s backing Guiliani in the elections too. I’ll confess to not knowing a great deal about US politics, but does Rudy realise what kind of person he’s being associated with?

Tom Hicks made a join takeover of English “Soccer” team, Liverpool Football Club, just under a year ago.

He did this with loads of razzmatazz, promising not to put any debt whatsoever onto the club’s assets. He took out a loan, alongside his now co-owner, that was secured on their own assets. It was a crucial part of the acceptance of the deal by shareholders.

He also promised to uphold the traditions of the club, to give big money for new players (it costs big money for new players in Europe, at least $50m for a top-class striker and Liverpool needed at least two) and to give us a new stadium that would make the rest of the football world look on with envy.

He even showed us plans for the new stadium. Then changed his mind.

He claimed the credit crunch wasn’t hurting his finances, then admitted on Monday that it was.

In fact he’s said a lot of things, especially in the last three months, that have turned out to be lies.

He accused the press of making up stories that he was going to fire the coach - but admitted on Monday that not only had he planned to fire him, he’d even interviewed and offered the job to a potential successor. One who happens to have never coached a club before, and has no links whatsoever to this club!

Hicks is someone that is clearly not to be trusted. He tells lies, he spins the truth to deflect people from what he doesn’t want them to know.

And he’s part of Rudy’s campaign!

If Hicks was backing a candidate aiming to lead my country, I’d not go anywhere near him. At all.

Why? Because you have to be able to trust your leader, to trust their judgement. Rudy trusts Hicks! I’d vote for someone else.

Hicks has shown himself to be a bully this past few months, and has managed to turn a worldwide fanbase of literally millions against himself with his recent actions. Fans may be saying “Go home Yanks” or “Americans out” but it’s not an attack on the US, it’s an attack on Hicks and his bullied sidekick Gillett.

We don’t want liars running our club. We want people we can trust.

Do the people of America want liars running their country? Just be wary of anyone associated to Tom Hicks.

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