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July 03, 2008


Patrick K

Hi T:

Just wanted to say that I think your blog clearly depicts what NA is: "NA is a fellowship of people who are committed to getting better and strengthening their recovery".

Congrats on your upcoming 30 day keytag! Keep coming back...
It only gets better...




Thanks, Patrick. I appreciate the support. T


Hello T,

I too, used NA as part of my recovery process. It is nice to have the support of others truly trying to break to grip of drug abuse or addiction. I have always felt that getting clean was the easy part, and staying clean was the challange. Educatio can be a big help in this arena as well. I found a good booklet at www.stopaddiction.com that is free for the asking called "Guide to Addiction Recovery for a Lifetime. It offered me some insights into the process of recovery. Give it a read if you like and judge for yourself. All I can say is it helped me out.


I'll check it out. Thanks for the link. T

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